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Our minister, Rev. Hugh Ryunyo King, received ordination on March 15th, 1972 at Nishiyama Betsuin in Kyoto, Japan. He had not served as a minister until the opening of Dragon's Gate, but worked with other ministers in the Buddhist Churches of America and Honpa Buddhist Church of Alberta in Canada on his own time. He has served as a chaplain in the University of Lethbridge and taught various classes. On July 27th, 2001, he received further ordination from the Hongaku Jodo School of Buddhism, an American group.

The Buddhist name "Ryunyo" is composed of the first syllable of "Ryuju", the Japanese name for the great Indian philosopher, Nagarjuna. The second syllable is the last half of "Rennyo", one of the most famous Japanese priests.

Ryunyo, in English, means "Dragon Suchness". In Chinese it would be pronounced "Long Ru" and in Sanskrit, Nagatathata.

  Our assistant minister, Rev. Brian Vajra King is the son of Hugh King, and also a minister. He grew up in Buddhist temples. It is through his efforts that we have this website.

"Vajra" is a Sanskrit word meaning both "thunderbolt" and "diamond". It is a symbol of Enlightenment.

Brian writes role-playing games, including "Tibet", a sneaky way to teach Buddhism. It's fun, too. Now that's upaya! (Sanskrit for skillful means)

The Revs. King, pere et fils, with the newest lineage holder, Victor Tenzin David St.Claire-King, born August 26th, 2004.

Our secretary, Joan W. Rosel, has given much support, moral and other, and is responsible for most of the words on this page that are spelled correctly.  Shown with Rev. King.

Dragon's Gate Temple is a member of the

Hongaku Jodo Association of Pure Land Buddhism

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